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There has been research conducted for the past 40 years by several of the worlds most
prominent psychologists in the world. Several of these are Dr. John Gottman, Dr Sue
Johnson, Dr. H. Markman and Dr. S Stanley. These psychologist lead the field in
understanding what makes marriages work and what makes married people happy, in there
relationships over the years.
Unfortunately the leaders of the world do not appear to take the two most serious parts of a
persons life, marriage and raising Children as a purpose our society needs to invest in. So
the divorce rate remains between 51% to 68% depending on what part of the world You may
live in.

What You will learn at Safe Journey Counseling are effective methods of communication,
which will teach You how to enhance pleasure and intimacy, how to turn conflicts into
solutions, how to argue or have difference of opinion without hurting one another and how to
set appropriate boundaries.

Choosing a Couples' Therapist: The unfortunate fact is that many counselors perform
Couples' therapy who have not been trained to do so. I have found through years of
experience and research that the most effective couples' counseling combines skill-building
with feedback and insight on communication patterns and processes, along with regular
homework assignments.

Couples sessions where the counselor merely referees arguments, or spends a great deal of
time talking about your childhood, tends to not produce any long-lasting changes in
relationship patterns. So when you're choosing a couples' counselor, be sure to ask them how
active and directive they are in their sessions. You should also ask your therapist how many
couples' or marriage counseling sessions they do every week. If it's less than 5-10, they are
doing couples' therapy as a minor interest, not as a main thrust of their practice and they may
not be as experienced in working with this type of counseling.

      You are the most important person in your life. You deserve to be happy.

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You have nothing to loose but your unhappiness.
●        Are You troubled by problems in your marriage?
●        Has communication broken down in your relationship?
●        Are You feeling lonely and disconnected in your marriage?
●        Has trust been broken by You or your partner?
●        Are small problems turning into giant fights? Do those problems keep returning?
●        Are You feeling hopeless, helpless, depressed or anxious about your marriage?

You Can Renew the Love and Happiness your Relationship
            is Missing

You will learn new ways to Communicate, Resolve Conflicts, Build Hope, Heal Affairs,
Increase Intimacy, Rebuild Trust, Reduce Family Stress, Rekindle Desire.

•I use the most up to date clinical proven methods to rebuild trust and resolve
•These proven methods are Research-based training in couple's communication
•The counseling methods are focused goal-oriented therapy using current scientific
advances, You will
not be in counseling for long periods talking about life events
that do not pertain to your goals.

You will receive gentle care, my twenty years of being married and eighteen years of
working with people have given me a deep understanding of peoples feelings and
•You will work to rekindle hope and renew sexual intimacy
•Comfortable and confidential setting
•I am available evening and Saturday hours
•Free telephone consultation
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